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North GA Crappie Trail


Entry Fee:


  • $60

  • Plus $10 Optional Big Fish 

  • $20 membership (Per Angler), ONLY at first tournament you participate in, one half goes to the championship and the other half goes towards permits scales and trophies.                                                                                    

  •  Dates: 

  • 10/8/22: Allatoona- North/ Little River Ramp at Cherokee Mills Park (Victoria and North)

  • 11/12/22: Lanier- Middle/ Little Hall Ramp (Between Thompson Bridge and south to Browns Bridge)

  • 12/3/22: Allatoona- Middle/Gatewood Ramp (Between Victoria Marina and Red Top Mountain Bridge/ Bethany Bridge)

  • 1/7/23: Lanier- South/ Two Mile Ramp (South of Browns Bridge)

  • 2/4/23: Allatoona- South/ Blockhouse Ramp (South of Red Top Mountain Bridge/ Bethany Bridge)

  • 3/4/23: Lanier- North/ Laurel Park (North of Thompson Bridge) 

  • Championship: Allatoona- TBD 4/15/23

                           Lanier- TBD 4/16/23



1st Place: 50%

2nd Place: 30%

3rd Place: 20%

Big Fish: 100%



  1. 7 fish limit

  2. All fish must be alive at time of weigh in

  3. 10 inch minimum

  4. Safe light roughy around 6:30 to 2:30pm. Anglers must be in line by 2:30pm for weigh in Check in starts at 5:30am

  5. Absolutely no re-weighs

  6. Only one fish can be weighed for big fish per team per tournament

  7. If there is a tie for placements, the big fish will be the tie-breaker

  8. If there is a tie for big fish, we will split the pot 

  9. It is the anglers responsibility to make sure their big fish is weighed 

  10. Anglers not in the No Wake Zone by determined end Time of tournament will be disqualified. 

  11. Co-angler must fish with the same boater at least 4 tournaments during the series to qualify for the championship. Co-angler must fish with the same boater at the championship if the team qualifies.

  12. 1 sub is allowed per team. You may fish alone if your partner can't make it and you have already used your sub

  13. Points system will be based on total weight for the season. The most weight at the end of the season will be Angler Team of the Year. 

  14. The top 15 in points/weights make it to the championship. There will be 2 wildcard picks as well. 

  15. Good sportsmanship must be displayed. NOEoutdoors reserves the right to ask participates to leave if a problem occurs

  16. Fishing 100 feet from a competitor is prohibited 

  17. Only two people per boat, unless one is under the age of 13 

  18. Artificial and live bait

  19. Limit up to 6 poles per team in use at one time 

  20. Crappie must be hooked or landed by a rod or pole by a team member

  21. Participates must stay on boat at all times while fishing

  22. No tying to a dock

  23. No alcohol

  24. All Federal and State boating regulations must be adhered to. 

  25. There will be absolutely no refund for entry fees.

*The winner of the Championship will be a combined weight of the 2 day Tournament. 

NOEoutdoors recommends that all anglers wear a life jacket and that boaters wear kill switch when under power.


Fish and launch your boat at your own risk. NOEoutdoors is not responsible for any damages or bodily harm. 


By participating in a NOEoutdoors event you release the rights to all pictures and videos you may be featured in. 


NOEoutdoors reserves the right to be reimbursed for any purchases made for tournaments such as scales, equipment, permits, measuring boards, etc. Funds will be deducted from tournament entry fees (over the course of the year). TD's will fish at no charge.

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